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myParrotopia saves you BOTH time and money! *** NOTE: PLEASE BE SURE TO REVIEW OUR SHIPPING POLICY! *** BFF is loved by both jumbo and micro birdies alike. Its size is easily adjustable for preference and diversity. BFF is also loved by DOGS! Whatever fruit or veggie you would feed fresh, you can feed BFF - a great, healthy SNACK. Initially they may turn away because the scent of the item isn't there UNTIL they taste it.
~~~ Home of BIG FOOT FOODIE (BFF) ~~~ The largest variety of freeze-dried foods available for your feathered babies. EVERY one of our products is produced in our own private shop. (NO additives or preservatives ever!)

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"Build Their BEAUTY From The INSIDE Out!" — Bonnie
"Birds LOVE the CRUNCH!" — Bonnie
"You cannot lie to a parrot!" — Bonnie
"Your relationship with a parrot will always be developing over the years." — Bonnie

Fully Nutritious Fresh Food Alternative FREEZE-DRIED PRODUCE. Big Chunk Food for our Big Butt Birds.

Everything we produce is fresh, hand washed and cut. NO frozen vegetables or fruits are ever used! ALL BFF products are processed in our private shop! We NEVER repackage from other sources.
This food is delivered in large chunks that can easily be cut or broken smaller as needed. Big Foot Foodie™ is suitable for all hook-bills from the smallest parakeet up to the largest macaw. Even your little canaries and finches will benefit and enjoy the very fine crumbs. Freeze dried foods are the next best thing to fresh and way more convenient. The freeze-dried process locks in and holds its nutrition unlike the other preserving methods available. Custom orders are welcome, time permitting! NEW PRODUCTS are frequently added! *** myParrotopia saves you BOTH time and money! *** We have found that, though freeze-dried product is expensive to produce, our prices are very competitive PLUS you are not wasting money throwing out unused fresh fruits and vegetables AND you are saving time! The rising cost of all products is just insane lately! We are working very hard to keep costs down! When an increase is necessary, we are taking 1/2 of the hit - only increasing your cost by half of what it is costing us. ODDLY, some prices have actually come down! It is natural to have some amount of crumbs or smaller pieces at the bottom of wherever you are storing our freeze-dried products. This is due to its brittle nature. It should not be wasted. Be sure to use any tiny crumbs that you may have. The nutrition is still there. You can sprinkle this on any of their other foods or feed to your little canaries and finches. I highly recommend offering all foods you want your birds to eat as opposed to only what you know they like. Do not over fill your food dishes. Offering less will encourage that they eat better variety. We want to always be broadening their appetite horizons and you never know what day they will decide to do that – it can’t happen if the variety is not there. In my experience while preparing this product I saw big differences in consumption at about 3 days then at a week and then at 2 weeks. I have found that some fresh veggies that are their least favorites – like broccoli – have suddenly become their top favorites! Interestingly based upon my own flock and trusted testers, Big Foot Foodie is being enjoyed more than fresh by the pickiest of eaters and has been instrumental in getting them to eat their fresh foods more!


PLEASE FEEL FREE TO MESSAGE US INQUIRING ABOUT: - Availability of any out-of-stock items (OR) - "PRE-ORDER" items ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "OUT-OF-STOCK" typically means it's no where to be found OR the price is just too high. "PRE-ORDER" typically means either: - We need to simply package more - We are about to process more - We just haven't had time to make but it now becomes TOP priority

About Us

Hello! Welcome to myParrotopia and Big Foot Foodie! Thank you so much for visiting our online store. I am excited to provide you with an impeccable online shopping experience and remain available to assist at any time. If you have questions, comments or concerns about your order or the content found within this website, please feel free to contact me via email or PM and I will get back to you as soon as I can. My real, large parrot, passion began in 2000 and has gone through many changes over the years. I have been constantly changing my best-practices with each bird and each year that has passed. I have over 20 years' experience and have had quite a few different species in my home. I have never really liked the assorted bird mixes that are available out there. I particularly disliked the old, non-fresh smell even before I was so intent on the topic of fresh and full natural nutrition. This product was born out of necessity. There are a couple of other freeze-dried products out there, but they are all small flakes or pieces except the occasional fruit. My flock normally prefers something they can pick up with their hands and no one makes that. My goal was to create something that can be used as part of a well-balanced, homemade, human grade parrot mix. I personally use this in their evening meals along with a few pellets and species appropriate nuts. Big Foot Foodie can be used wet or dry in place of or along with fresh produce. It is particularly handy if you are traveling with your pet, leaving them home with a babysitter or just want an easier way to feed the best nutrition. Freeze dried produce is the most nutritious food preservation method that exists. It locks in 98% of the nutrients. None of the other options can even touch this number and, in fact, are significantly lower. My goal is to provide the highest level of nutrition possible to my flock at every meal. Warmly, Bonnie Mano P.S. Check out my birds, cage and aviary photos on myParrotopia. My story is still a work-in-progress but you will get the impact of my dedication and a sense of my 23+yrs. experience.


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Save 12% on Subscription Orders!!!

How cool is this??? One less thing to worry about in your very busy life! Your order will ship at the same time each month. You can cancel at any time without additional fees. We know that everyone's flock is different in size and needs. CURRENTLY we are TOTALLY CUSTOMIZING the subscription option. Once you have subscribed, we will chat either via phone, email or msg regarding your specific order. If you would like a different subscription frequency, contact us and we will set something up.

~ Rescues ~

Approved products are the following categories (exclusions apply): Big Foot Foodie, Nutritional-Herbal Supplements & Nuts-Treats!!! For your convenience we have set up 3 different GIFT BOX options that help to take the guess out. Go to the GIFTS tab under Big Foot Foodie. This discount is ONLY valid if shipping to a rescue below. Invalid use of the coupon will cause the order to be canceled. Should you wish to have another rescue considered please contact us to discuss. Please place personal orders under a separate invoice. (Excluding: Equa Holistics, “LOVE Your Ekkie”, “LOVE Your Parrot” & Monthly Subscriptions)
P.O. Box 259 Blairstown, NJ 07825 www.ahelpingwing.org/ www.facebook.com/ahelpingwing/ (Jeanne Isbister Gilligan)
P.O. Box 1034 Riverton, WY 82501 www.centralwyomingaviary.org/ www.facebook.com/CentralWyomingAviary/ (Sarah Newberry)
1406 Cottonwood Drive Columbus, OH, 43229 https://thecharliebrownbirdrescue.com/ www.facebook.com/CharlieBrownBirdRescue/ (Amanda Brown)
10989 165th Rd N Jupiter, FL 33478 www.palmbeachparrotrescue.com www.facebook.com/palmbeachparrotrescue/ (Susan Oddo)
134 Sally Street Seymour, WI 54165 https://www.roseberrybirdrescue.org/ https://www.facebook.com/roseberry.birdrescue (Dawna June)
8631 Apple Harvest Dr. Gerrardstown, WV 25420 www.facebook.com/TandAParrot

~ NEW Items ~

Brussels & Red Peppers
Yummo! (01/18/24)
Peas & Carrots
Another GREAT combination! (1/12/24)
Parrot Almond Butter
This is made with 1 lb. of pure almond nuts and loaded with kale! (1/4/24)
Hyacinth Macaw Mac Butter
HYACINTH MACAW product! NOT recommended, or necessary, for other birds. Made with 1 lb. of pure macadamia nuts and loaded with kale! (12/30/23)
Ceylon Cinnamon Sticks
A TASTY & ENTERTAINING Treat! (12/23/23)
Thanksgiving Blend
Brussels Sprouts, Cranberries, Pumpkin - Thanksgiving Day sides for the birds! (11/23/23)
Beets & Carrots
Yummo! Two parrot favs together! (09/27/23)
Sreawberries & Bananas
Yummo! The perfect combination! (09/13/23)
NATURAL REMEDIES: Extra Strength Inflammation Rescue™
Designed for birds with inflammation, arthritis type issues. It is SPECIALLY formulated with powerful ratios of anti-inflammatory, natural, herbal properties! (06/10/23)
TREATS: Rigatoni Filling Drops
The same filling as is in the Stuffed Rigatoni: a puree of carrots, pumpkin, sweet potato and mixed greens. We had some extra filling and not enough rigatoni. Seemed like a good idea! (3/20/23)


In my quest to provide the best care for our flock I’ve learned many things. The topic of medical care and birds can be very frustrating. I finally found one with the heart, stellar credentials, and the proper experience to care for my flock. He is a wealth of information, not afraid or offended by questions and believes in the same avian practices and care that I do. I now have a greater peace of mind. Dr. Dazen has reviewed my Big Foot Foodie product, tested it with his birds, reviewed the freeze-dried process and seen the quality of my flock. He fully approves of Big Foot Foodie as an addition to our birds’ regular fresh fruits and vegetables! Thank you, Dr. Kenneth Dazen, VMD, Diplomate ABVP-Avian!!!