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Love Your Parrot™ EMERGENCY KIT

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A VERY comprehensive emergency kit with medical grade tools packed in a very handy, easy to see, transparent and sturdy tote bag with room for additional items!  OUR KITS INCLUDE AN AVIAN SPECULUM - a great way to keep that beak safely open for inspection etc.!!!  You may want to order an additional speculum if you have a multi size flock.

SMALL (parakeets), MEDIUM (cockatiels, conures), LARGE (macaws, cockatoos, amazons)

Select the size according to the bird you have.  We will be offering replacements for many of the items in our store. 

BE SURE TO KNOW THE SUITABLE AVIAN VETS (click to find one) IN YOUR AREA BEFORE YOU ACTUALLY NEED ONE!  Begin your relationship with a typical wellness visit.  Waiting for an emergency, when time is critical and emotions are high, is not the best way.

SHIPPING:  More often than not this item will need to be shipped by itself and the store is set to assume that.  If you are ordering NON-Big Foot Foodie products we will combine shipping and credit you as always with shipping overages.  Remember our goal is to SAVE shipping costs instead of blanket charges.




Gauze pads (2x2)

6To assist in cleaning wounds or wiping blood

Adhesive Tape

1/2x5 yds


Aquapap: Premium Distilled water

1  (12 oz)

Wound cleaning

BB’s Healing Salve stick


Safe, healing, organic ingredients: manuka honey and pure natural beeswax offer an excellent healing and disinfectant property, combined with healing herbs - soothing, fast absorbing. Perfect for wounds, burns and abrasions. TOPICAL USE ONLY!


w/ front zipper pouch

Keep ALL emergency items together!


.6 oz. in refillable tube

Natural pain relief

Cherry Concentrate

1 (8oz.)

Natural Kidney support

Emergency card / Plastic protector sleeve


For personal fill-in of vet contact information, family/friend contact, bird Information in a protective sleeve

Forceps, 5” locking



Guardian Angel


The ultimate supplement for sick or stressed birds - contains the special nutrients most in demand for rapid white cell production - combined with an essential range of vitamins, extra vitamin C, rapisorb minerals, beneficial bacteria, herbal extracts, electrolytes and long-term energy gluconates, where dehydration is critical

Hand sanitizer


To help prevent spread of infection

Heat bulb (100wt)


Provides warmth for sick birds without light

Latex Gloves (powder free)

2 pairs

To help prevent spread of infection

Pen light


For enhanced vision

PVP iodine antiseptic towelettes (povidone-iodine)


Used bef/aft surgery and minor wounds


10 in a refillable tube

To assist in cleaning wounds or wiping blood, applying topical ointments etc.

Syringe, 1ml


For administering RX, supplements or hand feeding formula

Syringe, 30 ml


For administering supplements or hand feeding formula

Scissor, blunt tip


To snip broken feathers and cut bandaging materials



Hold that beak open for inspection, medications etc. 



Emergency nutrition for acute cases - contains a complete range of vitamins, minerals, electrolytes, protein and an energy source that   are very easy to digest - where starvation is critical.

Yunnan Powder


Stops bleeding quickly and safe.  Use for open wounds, for wounds with stagnated blood, swelling or pain.


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