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Holistic "EDTA" Rescue™

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(as developed by Oneta Carter) 

If you suspect your bird is fighting HEAVY METAL TOXICITY see your certified avian veterinarian IMMEDIATELY.  The metal toxicity can be seen on an x-ray so it is imperative that you get one!  Once detected your vet will likely prescribe EDTA.  This is a chelation medication.  Chelation is a method of removing heavy metals from the bloodstream. 

Our goal is to holistically support your bird as much as possible.  Once the presence of heavy metal toxicity is confirmed, a 14-21 day chelation detox is HIGHLY recommended.  This is the natural approach to heavy metal detox and will support the prescription efforts your vet is recommending.  Your bird will need to be retested, after prescribed treatments, in order to confirm that metal toxicity has been removed.  

HOLISTIC “EDTA” RESCUE has been developed based upon Oneta Carter’s heavy metal rescue protocol.  myParrotopia has striven to make this treatment as simplified as possible so that you can focus on caring for your feather baby.  Where her protocol calls for cilantro and parsley mix, we’ve freeze dried it fresh.  Where fresh ginger is called for, we’ve freeze dried that fresh as well.  Any seeds called for have been ground.  All ingredients have been calculated and mixed so that you simply have to measure out one product.

You will need:  cooked sweet potatoes, HOLISTIC “EDTA” RESCUE, dark cherry juice and blueberries.

1.   Stop all greens!  During this entire detox you will only be feeding the mixture noted below.  Water should be offered freely as always.

2.  Feed cooked sweet potatoes mixed with 2 tablespoons of HOLISTIC “EDTA” RESCUE twice daily.

3.  1 teaspoon dark/tart cherry juice 2x/day

4.  Blueberries are a good fruit to include as they also have detoxing properties for both the body and the brain.

The goal of the heavy metal detox diet is to support and flush the body’s filtration system.  This means the liver and renal system.  Milk thistle and dandelion have the biggest healing effect on the liver.  Cherry juice and the celery-radish mix are the best healer of the renal system.

This supplement is NOT intended to replace proper medical care.  You MUST consult a qualified avian veterinarian.  Metal toxicity can KILL your bird if not properly treated.

WARNING SIGNS:  diarrhea, excessive thirst, falling, lethargy, seizures, tremors, vomiting.

NOTE:  Many other illnesses can also show the same symptoms.  Know your bird's environment and what he/she could have gotten into.  The best toys are stainless steel.  Just because a toy comes from a bird store does NOT mean it is safe!

Ingredients:  barley grass, celery seed, Chelation Mix, dandelion, ginger (fresh freeze dried), Liver Rescue™, radish seed 

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