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Big Foot Foodie™

Big Chunk Food for our Big Butt Birds.  Fully Nutritious Fresh Food Alternative FREEZE DRIED PRODUCE.  

*** Everything we produce is fresh, hand washed and cut.  NO frozen vegetables or fruits are ever used!  ALL BFF products are processed in our private shop!  We NEVER repackage from other sources. ***

This food is delivered in large chunks that can easily be cut or broken smaller as needed.  Big Foot Foodie is suitable for all hook-bills from the smallest parakeet up to the largest macaw.   

Freeze dried foods are the next best thing to fresh and way more convenient.  The freeze dried process locks in and holds its nutrition unlike the other preserving methods available.

Custom orders are welcome, time permitting!  NEW PRODUCTS are frequently added!

NOTE: Freeze Dried Fruit is VERY tricky to one's perception when making large chop - very much like comparing a pound of feathers to a pound of stainless steel sometimes!  The physical space it takes up can vary a LOT!  Even when comparing the same item, it's size, before we process it, can make big differences in its final volume.